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We strive to help our clients thrive in an ever changing digital landscape

Meteor Analytics was founded on the principle that companies of all sizes, of all industries, are data companies. We have found that many companies can benefit from extracting, understanding, and processing their data.
We are the experts that help you become data-centric without hassle or worry.

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Our Values

The core 4 values behind
our work

We believe in becoming data-centric in order to leverage your data. To do this we use 4 core values to guide us and our clients.


Creating an effective data solutions is inherently complex, and requires a high level of collaboration of everyone involved. We highly value collaboration as it is the oil that greases the wheel of organizations becoming data centric.


We care about scalability, efficiency, and if leveraging a new data-centric process is a good use of our client's time. From our discovery calls to our project management tools, even in our documentation, efficiency is at the core of how we operate


Every step of our process is rigorously tested for each our clients. When designed data solutions, validation, and transparency is key. We ensure we are upfront with our clients about expectations and challenges we come across in their data


The secret ingredient to our success has been fun. In order to spark the curiosity and imagination that is needed for data solutions, we employ fun in every project we do.

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